Intellectual Properties

  1. MY-152663-A, Method and Apparatus to Measure Single Cell Adhesion Force inside ESEM, 28 October 2010.
  2. PI:2013002540, A Novel Rigid Nanoneedle for Single Cell Surgery and Drug Delivery Application, 5 July 2013.
  3. PI:2011000386, Application of Buckling Nanoneedle for Characterizing Single Cells Mechanics, 7 February 2011.
  4. PI:2010005401, Cell Viability Determination Method, 16 November 2010.
  5. Microfluidic System for Measuring Mass of Miniature Object (Submitting)
Industrial Design
  1. Novel Design of Nanfork for Miniature Object Manipulation (Submitting)
  2. Novel Design of Dual Nanoprobe for Electrical Probing of Miniature Object (Submitting)
  3. Novel Design of A Holder for AFM Piezoresistive Cantilever (Submitting)
  1. Electrode Procedure (30 December 2014)
  2. Microfluidic Procedure (30 December 2014)
  3. Oxygen Plasma Treatement Procedure (Submitting)
  4. Lab Manual for Inverted Microscope (Submitting)
  5. Lab Manual for Stereo Microscope (Submitting)
  6. Lab Manual for Micropump (Submitting)
  7. Lab Manual for Tube Furnace (Submitting)
  8. Lab Manual for Ion Coater (submitting)
  9. Lab Manual for Spin Coater (Submitting)
  10. Lab Manual for Deionized Water (Submitting)
  11. Lab Manual for Oxygen Plasma (Submitting)
  12. Lab Manual for Freezer & Fridge (Submitting)
  13. Lab Manual for Keithley Sourcemeter (Submitting)
  14. Lab Manual for Biological Safety Cabinet (Submitting)
  15. Lab Manual for Fume Hood (Submitting)